Build Your Project Team with Altitude

Every web project is unique - but common challenges are not. Our project Master Plan avoids the pitfalls and helps you build and update your web project.

Project Plan

Integrate your need into our proven web Master Plan to make sure you get it right.

Strategy & Design

Maybe you've already done this step but it is by far the most important. We want to know ahead of time what we are accomplishing.

Design & Development

Go to work designing and developing your project or upgrade. This is where you see the progress through constant live-updates from our team.


  • Website Redesign & Relaunch
  • Salesforce Integrations & CRM Platform Deployment
  • Integrations & Plugin Customization for Wordpress


  • Scope Creep: We try to provide the big picture before you begin.
  • Complexity Entrapment: Avoid systems that cannot be easily modified
  • Avoid Hourly Traps: Our hybrid rate-card model protects you

Global Reach in Projects & Talent

From the beginning we have always been a global team. When you require different languages, market reach, and must cater to global operations, a worldwide team is natural.


Identify Your Need

We work with you to identify your direct need.

Receive Your Personalized Rate Card from Altitude

Your predictability is built into the estimates and knowing what it costs long-term.  You need to know the correlating levels of rates and talent to see the big picture.

Scale Your Team for Reach & Talent

We bring together a team that fits you markets, language, and talent required to develop and deploy your project.