Put Your Team in Control

Growing Your Web Investment Takes Action

Use Altitude to train your team on how to update, use, and leverage your web presence. By putting your people in the drivers seat, you can quickly reach your audience.

Team Training for Web Presence Management

  • Choose the Team Members You Want to Train & What They Need to Do
  • Give us Access to Your Site Framework
  • We Train Attendees on Procedures & Actions
  • Recorded Training for Easy Playback & Reference

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Common Questions About Altitude's Web Training

Know what you're going to be able to do through Altitude's Web Training!

Can training videos be archived and used for new team members later?

Yes! In fact, it’s free.  If nothing changes with you site and the training remains the same then you do not need to re-purchase training unless you want personalized training for the new team members.  Use what you had recorded!

What tasks can you train our team members to do?

Anything, with a few exceptions.  We obviously wouldn’t teach coding or advanced programming but most all of what you need to accomplish online is trainable in a simple and easy to understand format.  Our goal is to make sure your team members are empowered to do what they need to do.  Most common forms of training are around updating blogs, SEO (search engine optimization), content updating, page navigation, file uploads and more.

How is the training provided to my staff/team members?

We do all training via web conferencing and conference calls.  When there it is possible to do screen demonstrations, we will use online web conferencing software to provide training.  In the instance that web conferencing is not available (very rare) then we will do conference calls.  We will use your web conferencing platform if you choose or provide one for you.  We will suggest that web training sessions be recorded for your review later!

What platforms or content management systems (CMS) do you provide training for?

The top platform is WordPress.  The other platforms we provide training for are Joomla, Wix, Drupal, and other CMS platforms.  If you have a custom CMS or web application we will use one hour of your purchased training to become acclimated to your site framework.